About Us

Optimising Your Time On The Water

We understand the pressures that the modern-day angler faces: Your time
on the water is limited!

You want to make the most out of every minute out on
the water, whether you’re fishing in a tournament or competing against your
buddy. Fill your tackle box with the gear that works hardest for you.

Tailored, Effective & Unique

We provide a superior tailored experience to customers, offering
effective products and unique service, delivered timely, making sure that when
you are out on the water you have the right gear to embody a terminator.

  • Tailored Experience

    We provide a superior online experience for the modern angler.

  • Effective Products

    Tried and tested products with machine-like performance.

  • Unique Service

    There for you when you need it and how you need it.

Why Terminator Tackle?

Terminator Tackle brings a no-nonsense approach to get your tackle to you fast and reliably.

We provide our customers with proven, effective fishing lures and gear to optimise your valuable time on the water and get the bites when you need them most.

Get It Before It’s Gone

Hard Baits

Hard baits are cost-effective, multiple fish-catching lures that belong in any fisherman’s arsenal. Our unique range of durable, long-lasting hard baits allows you to keep catching with consistent presentation cast-after-cast, especially when the fish are actively feeding.

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Topwater Baits

Topwater baits are floating lures to draw strikes from below. Seeing your topwater bait being terminated on the surface is worth 10 bites under the water. Early mornings and late afternoons in low light and blowups are some of the most memorable fishing experiences an angler will have.

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Hollow Body Frogs

Do you have areas with thick grass mats or lily pads as far as the eye can see but no bait you feel can get through it without a hassle? A hollow body frog can be fished in the thickest of cover and its weedless nature gets you through the cover with ease.

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Swim Baits

Are you looking to shake things up, learn a new technique or simply on a mission for a new PB? Swimbaits allow you to terminate the bites of those aggressive smaller fish and improves your odds of a monster bass committing to your bait.
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