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A true JDM brand, Geecrack baits will give you a truly different approach when you need it most. Built on the foundation of no joy, no fish Geecrack works tirelessly with its Japanese pro staff anglers to develop and optimise their products such as the development of the SAF formula which includes amino acids that simulate real prey and keeps the fish holding on longer and you a better chance of getting them in the net.

How it works

For those who are familiar with the JDM products that Bassin
Badger offer the process remains the same.

For those who are new to Bassin Badger products, the order
process follows a pre-order basis (order upfront and products will be sourced).
You place your order on the Terminator Tackle website and once the order window
closes the products will be sourced.

Orders for Bassin Badger products will occur on an ad-hoc
basis. We will notify you on social media and WhatsApp groups when the order
window opens and which products are available. Order windows will remain open
for a select period. Once the order window closes the products will be sourced.

Once the products have been received, they will be shipped
to you with your preferred courier option. You will be notified once the order
has been shipped.

Please note that the lead time on Bassin Badger products may
vary depending on the size and quantity of the products ordered and the time to
clear customs.


Special notes

  •  Product specifications and
    quantities and prices may vary on short notice. Any changes from when your
    orders are placed to when the products are sourced will be communicated to
  • If other brands are ordered in conjunction with
    Bassin Badger products the products will be shipped once the combined order has been received


No Tackle points will be earned for Bassin Badger products.

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