A Guide to Topwater Walking Baits

A Guide to Topwater Walking Baits

Topwater walking baits are a versatile and effective tool in any angler's tackle box. These lures can entice explosive strikes. In this article, we will explore the world of topwater walking baits and provide you with insights, tips, and techniques to make the most out of these lures.


Selecting the Right Walking Bait

When it comes to selecting the right walking bait, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, you should take into account the size and weight of the lure. Larger baits with more weight are ideal for wider, slower “walk the dog” action, while smaller baits can be more erratic and easier to work.

The action of the lure is an important consideration. The way a walking bait moves across the water's surface can entice fish to strike. Some lures have a side-to-side chopping action, while others have a more subtle gliding motion. It's important to experiment with different actions to see what triggers the most bites.

Another crucial factor to consider is the colour and pattern of the lure. It's essential to match the lure to the conditions and the bait in the area. Pay attention to the water clarity and adjust your lure selection accordingly. In clear water, natural colours like shad and bluegill can be effective. In stained or murky water, brighter colours like chartreuse, white, orange, or red can help the lure stand out and attract fish. Additionally, consider the pattern of the lure. Some lures have realistic patterns that mimic specific prey species, while others have more abstract designs that create a flash to catch the attention of fish.

The retrieve speed can make a difference in your success with topwater walking baits. Experiment with different speeds to find what triggers the most strikes. In some situations, a slow and steady retrieve can be effective, while in others, a faster and more erratic retrieve may be the key to enticing fish to bite. Pay attention to the behaviour of the fish and adjust your retrieve accordingly.

No matter how experienced you are as an angler, adding topwater walking baits to your arsenal can be a game-changer. These lures offer a unique presentation that can entice even the most stubborn fish to strike. By targeting the surface, you're presenting your bait in a manner that is impossible to resist.


Mastering the Art of Walking the Dog

Mastering the "walk the dog" technique is essential for walking bait success. Start by casting your lure out and allowing it to settle on the water's surface. Once your bait is ready, begin your retrieve by imparting short and sharp twitches to the rod tip while reeling in the slack.

When working a topwater walking bait, it's essential to find the right balance between aggression and subtlety. Start by imparting exaggerated twitches to the rod tip to create a wide side-to-side motion.

Remember to pause periodically during your retrieve to imitate a wounded or vulnerable baitfish. This pause allows fish to get a better look at the lure and can often trigger a strike. Practice your timing and cadence to find what works best for the given fishing situation. The key is to adapt your technique based on the fish's response. Pay attention to their behaviour and adjust your retrieve accordingly. By fine-tuning your presentation, you'll increase your chances of triggering a strike and successfully landing your target fish.


The Optimal Conditions for Fishing Walking Baits

In order to maximize your success with walking baits, it's crucial to understand the optimal fishing conditions for these lures. Typically, low light conditions such as early morning (dawn) and late afternoon (dusk) are ideal for topwater action. The reduced visibility encourages fish to venture closer to the surface in search of prey.

During dawn, as the sun begins to rise, the sky is painted with a beautiful array of colours. The calmness of the early morning water creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for casting your topwater walking bait. The first rays of sunlight peeking through the horizon create a mesmerizing reflection on the water's surface, enticing fish to investigate the commotion caused by your bait.

At dusk, as the sun sets and darkness starts to envelop the surroundings, the atmosphere changes. The fading light creates an air of mystery, and fish become more active near the surface. The calmness of the evening water, combined with the coolness of the night air, sets the stage for an exhilarating fishing experience. The anticipation builds as you cast your topwater walking bait, waiting for that explosive strike from a hungry fish.

In addition to the time of day, weather patterns also play a significant role in determining the success of your topwater fishing adventure. Overcast skies provide a blanket of diffused light, reducing the glare on the water's surface. This makes it easier for fish to spot your bait as it glides and dances across the water.

Another factor to consider is the presence of a slight ripple on the water's surface. The gentle waves create a disturbance and settle the fish's nerves as opposed to slick calm.

As you plan your fishing trips, take into account these various factors to enhance your chances of success with walking baits. Consider waking up early to witness the beauty of a sunrise and experience the tranquillity of the morning water. Embrace the mystery of dusk and the excitement of fishing under overcast skies. Pay attention to the subtle details of weather patterns and the condition of the water's surface. By understanding and capitalizing on the optimal fishing conditions for walking baits, you can increase your chances of landing that trophy fish and create unforgettable memories on the water.


Walking baits are a must-have for any angler looking to add excitement and explosive strikes to their fishing game. From selecting the right bait to understanding optimal fishing conditions and techniques, this article has provided you with a comprehensive guide to making the most out of these lures. Remember to practice the "walk the dog" retrieve and vary your presentation to trigger more strikes. Don't hesitate to experiment with different retrieves and techniques to find what works best for your target species and fishing conditions.

Add topwater walking baits to your tackle box, and get ready for heart-pounding action on the water!

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