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Nomad Design Chugg Norris Poppers

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Mounted system of multiple lures Alabama Rig type. The system consists of a plumb head with 5 separate metal arms to be able to anchor a vinyl lure on each one, usually pikies or small vinyl fish to simulate a small group of fry.


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Product Description

The Castaic Jerky J School Rig allows fisherman to catch more bass. When bass school offshore, they often form in groups of hundreds of fish. Being the opportunistic predators they are, bass will attack schools of minnows and the Jerky J School Rig looks just like a school of minnows. Cast the Jerky J School Rig, count it down to the correct depth and hang on! During testing it was very common to catch multiple bass on one cast. Even 5 bass have been captured on one cast!


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